The Importance of Industry Links in Teaching Pedagogy: A Higher Education Prospective
Koorosh Gharehbaghi

The Importance of Industry links in Teaching Pedagogy is a vital aspect for any effective teaching methodology. All educational institutes need to maintain strong industry links to maintain current and appropriate qualifications. Furthermore, these industry links could be achieved via joint research and educational programs, which also allows students to have the opportunity to be involved in industry projects and gain important work experience. As part of this close collaboration, companies should sponsor more graduate students annually which in-turn increases their employability rate. Moreover, these issues and the graduate employability is a fundamental outcome of an effective teaching pedagogy methodology such as Industry Oriented Education (IOE). This paper will discuss various elements of Industry Oriented Education (IOE), which is the basis of Industry links in an effective Teaching Pedagogy environment. These elements include job acquisition and advancements, learning on the job and employment readiness.

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