An Exploration of the Rhetorical Devices in Leila Aboulela’s Novel “The Translator”
Ms Enaam Hashim Albashir, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Alfaki

This article attempts to explore Aboulela's literary style of writing through her novel The Translator. Leila Aboulela is an Egyptian-born Sudanese and British educated writer .The Translator is her first novel, published in 1999. The Translator is a story about a young Sudanese widow living in Scotland and her sprouting relationship with Islamic scholar Rae Isles. The research method adopted is a blend of narrative, rhetoric, and stylistic analyses. All these analytic techniques are from within the constructivism interpretive research paradigm. The analyses focus on the rhetorical devices which are used in the novel: The Translator. These devices are identified and discussed with examples from the novel. The findings indicate that: Aboulela’s style reflects rich vocabulary and an increasing flexibility of prose. Although the form of her writing is organized according to the formal patterns of prose , it has sense of rhythm , repetition and balance. These are not governed by a regularly sustained formal arrangement and the significant unit is the sentence.

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