Human Asset Accounting and Corporate Performance
Adebawojo, Oladipupo Akindehinde; Enyi, Patrick Enyi; Enyi, Patrick Enyi

Human beings are the most critical assets in organizations as established in the available literatures. They drive other organisations’ resources to achieve success. Currently, this most important asset is not being accounted for or disclosed in the organisations’ statement of financial position like other physical assets and intangible assets. Hence, this study investigated the likely effect of human asset accounting on the performance of business organizations in Nigeria. The empirical study adopted an Ex-post facto research design, conducted on all 18 publicly quoted banks in Nigeria capital market. The instrument of data collection was questionnaire designed on a six steps Likert Scale and validated through peer review with Cronbach Alpha Coefficient of 0.807 and 0.870 for Human Asset and Organisation Performance respectively. The hypothesis was tested using simple regression model. The result of the analyses confirmed that human asset accounting significantly affects the banks’ performance at F-ratio = 56.280, P≤ 0.05, R2 =0.193. It concluded that capitalizing human assets would positively impact on performance of organizations and recommended its disclosure as intangible asset in the balance sheet.

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