Syntactic and Semantic Features of Persian Proper Names: A gender-based study
Ehya Amalsaleh, Manizheh Abdollahi

Proper names are usually simply classified under the noun category; a closer look, however, reveals that they are more diverse than expected. Grammatically, they are formed differently. That is to say, while some are simple nouns, others are a combination of prefix/suffix and a noun and some others that of an adjective and a noun. There are still others which are adjectives by nature but functionally are used to name an individual. Due to the semantic as well as syntactic diversity noticed in the formation of proper name, the present study has primarily taken a descriptive approach and has studied Persian proper names to find out what grammatical categories contribute to the proper name construction; furthermore, certain combinations mark the gender of its beholder. Then, the researchers have traced the possible semantic connotation assigned to each gender.

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