Video Games and English Idioms: Toward Effective Learning
Ra'ed Awad Al-Ramahi, Dr. Adnan Smadi

Learning English requires real life contexts where the stretches of language can be natively communicated. In addition, efficient learning of English in general is affected by the amount of exposure that EFL learners are expected to receive. Therefore, learning English cannot happen to be sufficient if it takes place only in classrooms, particularly in a non-native context. In fact, the learners can find a new scope for learning through video games that help enriching the learners' linguistic repertoire as well as creating an interactive communication with English. This research aims at exploring the role of video games in building up constructive learning of English idioms. The research also shows the significance of these games in creating full interaction between the players and the social contexts where idioms exist. Furthermore, it highlights on the motivating sense that such games can create, which leaves a tremendous effect on the learning of idioms within real life contexts. The criterion of the research is based on the constructivist learning theory.

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