Framing of Pakistani Muslim Women in International media: Muslim feminist’s Perspective
Bushra H Rahman

Drawing from Orientalism, Muslim feminist theories and standpoint feminism this study analyses the articles on Pakistani Muslim women in Time and Newsweek from the year 1979-2002.The study explores whether the two magazines portrayed the struggle of Pakistani Muslim women for change as a political force in these years as a group who are trying to improve the lot of their sex within the confines of their faith i.e. in demanding change within an Islamic framework or as a group who rejects the possibility of co-existence between Islam and feminism? The findings indicate that they were often depicted as oppressed victims of the ‘repressive’ laws of Islam. The identification of Pakistani women’s problem as a religious problem was very prominent. Least coverage was given to her as the one who is trying to work for her emancipation within the context of Islam. Whereas, most of the coverage was given to women in the secular image and in this context hardly any reference of Islam was given.

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