Analysis of Waste in the Production of Concrete Blocks - A Case Study in a Goiás Industry
Tatiana Gondim do Amaral, Weslley M. Cruz, José R. Perim

An ever more demanding consumer market and the need for companies to be more competitive have led organizations to try to eliminate waste. This research is a case study which presents a proposal for intervention in order to improve performance of a pre-cast concrete block factory in outer Goiânia. As a first step, waste in the production process was identified through analysis of data on time involved in each step of the process. Then, applying the concepts of Lean Production, a list of activities was drawn up with a view to eliminating non-valueadded work, identifying waste, decreasing cycle time, streamlining the production process, and increasing the flexibility and transparency of the process. From the results it was possible to identify the sources of waste and provide management with information for strategic decisions about production. Finally, various suggestions were made with a view to eliminating or mitigating bottlenecks in the production process. These involved proposals for physical intervention with a new layout and management strategies as well.

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