The GCC Youth Attitudes towards News Ticker as a Source of News Attitude
Dr. Abdul Kareem Al Zayani

This study aims to identify the extent of reliance of young “students of information and communication” in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries on the news ticker of satellite channels as a source of news. The under screen moving news ticker is considered as one of the most important news service provided by television. It is a service offered continuously on the screen which summarizes news within specific words, including some details in a comprehensive manner, regarding place and time of occurrence, people involved, the effects there of, the circumstances surrounded by- in order to serve people who do not have time to follow the news, and to motivate them to follow up the details in the next news bulletin. This kind of news service was not adequately studied to figure out the benefit received from it to develop it, though the TV relies on, and is eager to know the public opinion, and their extent of reliance on this service to get news. Results showed that (84.8%) of information and communication students rely on the news ticker as a source of news; and there are significant statistical differences between the extent of respondents’ reliance on the news ticker as a source of news and their scientific specialization in information and communication. The calculated value of chi-square (χ²) was (20, 058) which is statistically significant at the probability level of = (0,000).

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