Economic Effectiveness of Livestock Farming Industry: An Analysis between Turkey and Eu-15 Countries
Asst. Prof. Dr. Savas Durmus, Asst. Prof. Dr. Melih Ozcalik

Livestock farming is one of leading sectors both in Turkey and in the world with its internal and external benefits. Besides, policies followed with regard to a country's economics are the greatest factors that affect the agricultural and livestock farming sectors. Particularly after 1980, Turkey made a vast scale of investment in the industrial sector along with a growth model based on exportation and supported these sectors using various methods; however, agricultural and livestock farming sectors fell behind the industrial sector. Agricultural and livestock farming sectors in Turkey fell behind especially such sectors of Europe because efficiency in agriculture couldn't increased due to land fragmentation. In this study, basic information regarding the livestock farming sector in Turkey was given and an econometric model was generated regarding to what extent GDP is affected by the livestock farming sector and its components in both Turkey and first 15 countries of the European Union. Accordingly, we observed that although livestock farming production in general is defined as a factor that increases GDP, an increase in agricultural workforce particularly in economies that rely on the manufacturing industry sector is a factor that decreases GDP.

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