Framing the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup Finals by the Folha De São Paulo Newspaper
Norberto Kuhn Junior, Denise Castilhos de Araujo, Joaquin Marin Montin, Gustavo Roese Sanfelice

Sport is perhaps one of the most important means of collective mobilization created by mankind. It is also considered a fundamental facet of contemporary society. In Brazil, soccer has a special place in the media coverage. In 2013, Brazil hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup, an event that prepares the country for the FIFA World Cup. This brought media attention to soccer yet again. In face of this context, the objective of this study is to analyze the strategies adopted by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo when framing meanings on the event concerning pre-coverage and coverage of the final match between Brazil and Spain. To this purpose, we used triadic semiosis, which was proposed by Peirce (1999; 2009) and discussed by Ransdell (1997). This concept provides us with an understanding of media meaning processes. During the period studied, there were two events that can be considered relevant to Brazilians: the sports event and the protests that spread throughout the country to show people’s outrage over Brazilian politics and social problems.

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