Build Organization’s Performance by Mixed Orientation Strategies: Competitive Advantage Mediates Market and Innovation Orientation on the Organization’s Performance
Darmanto, Francicus Xaverius Sri Wardaya, Titik Dwiyani

The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of customer, competitor, innovation, entrepreneurship and Change Orientation Strategy (COS) on OP. This research gives contribution in developing science, especially the science of marketing management, by elaborating factors affecting the OP, so there will be clarity of how to improve OP. This research takes the population of managers of food MSMEs in Surakarta. It uses a method of convenience sampling, and determines 500 samples. The method of analysis applied is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). This research results show that Customer Orientation Strategy (CuOS) and CA influence positively and significantly on OP. The Competitor Orientation Strategy (CoOS) and IOS do not influence OP. The Entrepreneurship Orientation Strategy (EOS) and COS has negative and insignificant effects on OP. CA has positive and significant impacts on OP and mediates the influence of CuOS and IOS on OP but does not mediate CoOS.

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