Analysis of the Inner Surface Erosion Wear at Cone Parts of Electro—cyclone Separators
Long-Fei Kan, Wei-Jun Liu

The normal cone type Electro—cyclone Separators erosion wear mechanism is analyzed, known that the whole erosion wear process is closely related with Stokes forces, centrifugal forces and electrostatic forces. By analyzing the movement of dust particle group in the cone part, expression of the erosion wear rate has been derived in theory, evaluate the degree of erosion wear, analysis and calculate the most serious wear part. Comparison the wear characteristics of Electro—cyclone and cyclone in the same condition, The results showed that the wear characteristics is similar in the cone part, the erosion wear of electric cyclone was more serious. Analysis of the influence of different voltage on the erosion wear, concluded that the higher the voltage, the more relatively serious of the erosion wear. In the cone part besides the velocity, dust concentration and particle size is a major cause of serious erosion wear. The calculation coincides with the actual situation degree is high, has practical application value.

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