Technology-Based Instruction: Are Pre-Service Teachers Prepared to Meet the Challenge?
Dr. Kimberly G. Williams, Dr. Karen S. DiBella

Teaching and learning in the twenty-first century calls for greater student engagement, enhanced critical thinking, and authentic, real-world application. Utilizing technology in the classroom provides effective handson learning, positively impacts literacy, and encourages meaningful collaboration to meet the needs of diverse learners. Results from a 2014 study indicated that approximately 90 percent of pre-service teachers recognized a changing digital world for students and the need to evaluate existing teaching practices; however, less than 50 percent of pre-service teachers felt adequately prepared to utilize technology in their future classrooms. These findings were not only alarming to researchers, but also indicated a need for further research. The current research study expanded initial findings and the sample population targeted pre-service teachers who were completing their student teaching practicum. Results obtained from this study indicate that the majority of students are confident in their ability to choose technologies that enhance teaching and student learning.

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