PTC For Nitro Displacement of Bis (M- Nitophenyl Sulphone) In the Synthesis a of Some New Polyethersulphone
Ibrahim K. Ahmed, L.H. Alchawishli

The Synthesized polyether sulphones were carried out by interfacial polycondensation of bisphenol-A and bis (mnitophenyl) sulphone ,in heterogeneous system via nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction for nito group by using various phase transfer catalyst (PTC),( benzyltributyl ammonium chloride (BTBAC),hexadecyltributylphos- phonium bromide (HTBPB) and dibenzo-18-crown-6) in various organic solvents (dichlorometahane , nitrobenzene and dimethyl sulphoxide). Ultrasonic irradiation was used to improve the yield and to reduce the reaction time in the present of PTC (HTBPB). The above polymers were characterized by C, H analysis, reduce viscosity and spectroscopic methods.

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