The Reasons That Affect Secondary Stage Students’ Reading Comprehension Skill of English Language in Southern Region of Jordan from the Teachers’ Perspectives
Dr Atallah A. Alroud

Reading comprehension is considered as one of the most important skill of a language the study aims at investigating the reasons that affect the students' reading comprehension skill of secondary stage in English Language in southern region of Jordan. The sample consisted of (64) teachers, (27) males and (37) females which forms (36%) from the total number of the population. The results indicated that the highest effect on students' weakness in reading comprehension skill refers to the students' domain with a mean of (4.096), and standard deviation of (0.40). The teachers' domain came secondly with a mean of (3.604) and standard deviation of (0.82). The textbooks domain came thirdly with a mean of (3.551) and standard deviation of (0.64).The results indicated that there are no statistically significant differences on the level of (a=0.05) attributed to the variables of gender, qualification, and the experience of the teachers or the interaction between the variables on the weakness of students in reading comprehension skill.

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