Thought In the Song Ritual on the Self Purification Ceremony at Karo Society
Kumalo Tarigan Summary Karo one of the tribes who lived in North Sumatra, Indonesia. They are about one and a half million worldwide. Many chanting ritual that can be found in the Karo people, including the ritual songs in a self purification ceremony. The self purification ceremonies itself are many kinds. So I wrote based on the a shaman Rasmi br Sitepu2.In the self purification ritual there two ritual songs, namely mangmang and enjujungken mayang. Mangmang presented at the beginning of the ceremony, while enjujungken mayang presented at the end portion. The function of mangmang as a tool to communicate with the shaman magical power. Therefore shaman can run shamanism. While enjujungken mayang serves as one way shaman gave supernatural powers to the patient. The Mangmang melodic structure and enjujungken mayang have scales 2 to 4 tones, with a singing style declaimed. There is a change between one tone with another tone into tone melody in the song of the center due to the presentation of the oral. The Mangmang text structure comprised of two parts, a request for permission and calling. Each part has a form. At the request for permission and callings are the principal songs. In every song of the principal are some of the contents. Enjunjuken mayang comprised of three principal songs. Each of these has two principal song contents. Subject and content mangmang singing and enjunjungken mayang describe Karo cultural thinking in conjunction with the supernatural.

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