An Investigation into the Efficacy of Diamond Beneficiation as a Fiscal Resource Mobilisation Strategy: The Case of Zimbabwe
Ngonidzashe C. Nzenzema, Tawanda Zinyama, Alfred G. Nhema

The diamond beneficiation process is a highly contested area in the world. While some developed countries have managed to convert their natural resource riches into profitable financial gains, African countries including Zimbabwe have continued to face numerous challenges in attaining the same benefits. In Zimbabwe, these challenges are especially evident as the country lacks the appropriate skills, technology and infrastructure to embark on the diamond beneficiation process. This is despite the country being richly endowed with all manner of valuable mineral resources. The very high value and worth of diamonds makes them a suitable candidate for enhancing fiscal resource mobilization in Zimbabwe. This study examines the efficacy of diamond beneficiation on resource mobilization for Zimbabwe. The study explores the concept of beneficiation and analyzes how the beneficiation process can be utilized to help expand the country’s fiscal space.

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