Entomological Statistics associated with Quercus Ilex L. in a North African Forest
BENIA Farida, KHELIL Mohamed Anouar, PUJADE-VILLAR Juli

The domanial forest of Tafat is situated in a subhumid bioclimatic zone in the north eastern region of Algeria. It occupies a wooded area of 1950 hectares and culminates at 1449 meters high. This forest is natural and is characterized by a diverse appearance. Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) occupies 80% of the vegetation coverage. This rugged and resistant tree is however subject to multiple deterioration factors and insects constitute an important one. Our biotic analysis of the entomological fauna of Quercus ilex L. in the forest of Tafat has enabled the establishment of an inventory of all collected insects. We have identified 14 orders distributed in 125 families with 231 species and 11643 individuals. The study of dynamics of insects indicates that most species have a peak in May and June. The statistical analysis of the entomological settlements related to Quercus ilex L. shows a faunal homogeneity and those factors, namely, order, altitude, and density play a significant effect on the number of insects.

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