Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education Program in Ghana: Teacher Trainees’ and Lecturers’ Perspectives
Seidu Sofo, Emmanuel Thompson, Tontie L. Kanton

The study examined teacher trainees’ (TT) and lecturers’ perceptions of the Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE) program in Ghana. Participants included a purposive sample of 58 TTs (30 males and 28 females) and 12 lecturers (10 males and 2 females) at one college of education in Ghana. An open-ended questionnaire served as the main data source. Data were analyzed inductively, using constant comparative analysis. Main findings were grouped under five categories: access, self-efficacy, cost, curricular/pedagogical issues, gender issues, and financial assistance. Policy makers and educational administrators would do well to address the financial constraints and gender disparities in the program. Teacher educators should adopt more participatory instructional practices in the UTDBE program.

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