Disaster Preparedness in Jordanian Public Hospitals According To the Hospital Safety Index
Dr. Afnan Sharif Saleh, PhD

In 2015, the author of this study conducted three anonymous focus groups with professionals with the aim of strengthening the disaster preparedness of newly built or renovated Jordanian hospitals. The semi-structured questions included: “Will you explain what you know about structural and non-structural standards implemented in public hospitals?” This study was based on the Hospital Safety Index developed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Health Organization (WHO), which has been used for several years by numerous countries to improve their disaster responses. The results indicated that most safety standards were implemented. However, further attention should be given to creating a plan to manage the safety of the physical environment, provide monitored dangerous sites, and improve the hazardous waste disposal process. This study recommends conducting further studies that include all hospitals in Jordan.

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