Determination of Factors Affecting the Children's Internet Use
Ömer Alkan, Erkan Oktay, Asir Genç

Internet is one of the most common and most important tools of communication. Nowadays, computers and internet have been emerged as an important part of our lives. The internet has become an integral aspect of life for contemporary children. This study utilized the micro data set of 2013 Household Information Technology Usage Research Survey to determine factors affecting children’s Internet use. The corresponding data were analyzed using logistic regression model. The dependent variable of this study is a binary variable that involves children’s Internet use or not use. The independent variables are socio-economic and demographic variables. In this study, half of the children use the internet. Chi-square analysis results reveal that there is a relationship between children’s Internet use and socio-economic and demographic variables. Three of four children who use the internet live in urban areas. Another noteworthy point is that one of two children who use the internet are currently secondary school (including vocational/technical schools) students. According to logistic regression analysis results, most of the independent variable are found as statistically significant. Watching TV almost every day decreases the probability of children’s Internet use and other significant variables increase their internet use. Particularly, variables under the frequency of computer use have the most impact on children’s Internet use.

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