Proposition and Validation of the Background Loyalty Model for Oriented Productive Microcredit Clients
Ronaldo Portela De Oliveira – Sesp, Juliana Maria Magalhãeschristino–Ufmg, Fabrícioziviani – FUMEC, Josmária Lima Ribeiro De Oliveira – Puc-Mg, Newton Amaralpaim – Cdtn

The oriented productive microcredit market has been growing in Brazil, especially, on the Northeast region. Proposing and validating a model that shall foresee the clients’ loyalty in this segment is this article’s objective. The conceptual model developed for this study has as its objective highlighting the indirect and direct relations existent between micro entrepreneur client’s loyalty and its background. The eight hypotheses developed for this study resulted in a theoretical-empirical review of previous researches about the loyalty and its background theme. Therefore, 305 clients of oriented productive microcredit institutions took part on personal interviews. The structural equations modeling technique allowed testing and validating six of the eight hypotheses in the study. The result confirmed the influence of the constructs: emotions, image, credit, relationship with the credit agent about satisfaction. And, the satisfaction’s influence on the commitment and the commitment about propensity to loyalty.

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