Visual Merchandising: Does it Matter for Your Brands?
Umar Niazi, Tauqeer Haider, Faisal Hayat, Mustabsar Awais, Waqar-ul-Hassan

Visual Merchandising is a significant aesthetic practice that helps a company and retailer to create the brand image at POS. Visual merchandising is an art of presenting products in different ways at the retail store. The purpose of this study is to discuss the importance of merchandising for firms, History of Visual Merchandising and its elements by empirical evidences. This paper will cover theoretical perspective of merchandising, its impact on consumer buying behavior, sales, and on overall brand image. This study concluded that Visual Merchandising is the key to gain the competitive advantage against rivals in the market and it helps the firms to increase the sales, to create brand image, to attract the customers towards the products. So the firms should make strategic long term planning’s to execute the visual merchandising at the POS (Point of Sale).

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