Reduction of Peroxide Value in Used Palm Cooking Oil Using Bagasse Adsorbent
Wannahari. R, Nordin. M.F.N.

Bagasse is a waste from utilization of sugarcane. Constituent structures of bagasse derive from carbon materials that make bagasse suitable to be an adsorbent. However the Used of bagasse as an adsorbent is not common today. The uses of bagasse as adsorbet by activate it with a solution of NaOH for 200 minutes. In this study, bagasse will be used to reduce peroxide value in used cooking oil. Peroxide value is measure of oxidation or rancidity which can reduce the qualities of food. In the used cooking oil, peroxide value will increase as a result of cooking oil heating process. The variation of adsorbent weight and contact time are used in this research as parameters to determine the effective time and the amount of adsorbent that should be used in the oil refining process. From the experiments conducted, it can be established that bagasse adsorbent able to reduce the peroxide value of used cooking so that value still in the range of standard. The highest reduction of peroxide value from this experiment is 21%. This result is obtained when using 7.5 gram of bagasse for 10 minutes contact time. Equilibrium of peroxide value studied using the freundlich isotherm and isotherm langmuir. Results indicate the used of different contact time variation has a higher linearity both freundlich and langmuir isotherm.

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