Bullying Experienced among Indigenous People Students of Philippine Normal University North Luzon, Philippines: A Basis for Formulating School Policy
Agnes S. Reyes

Bullying is a major issue in today’s world and is getting increasing attention in the research literature. This even gets wider attention from authorities to control such. There were studies conducted about bullying to school children but limited to indigenous people bullying experienced in the tertiary level. This study endeavors to describe and analyze the bullying experiences of the indigenous people students of Philippine Normal University- North Luzon, and to determine their social impact as basis for formulating school policy to prevent bullying. Significant on the findings of the study is the existence of unintentional institutional bullying but were handled in a very positive manner that even encourages the students to strive more on their studies. Therefore, it indicates that the indigenous people students of Philippine Normal University are matured enough to handle concerns and issues on bullying.

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