National Transformation in Saudi Arabia towards a Knowledge Economy
Dr. Wafa Mohammed Own, Hanan Homoud Mohammed Alharbi

The relationship between knowledge and the economy is the eternal relationship existed since the practice of human activities such as hunting and primitive agriculture. Knowledge is K_khasash underground rights owned for as long as it had a prominent role in the economic process, which pays tribute to Adam Smith in his writings contributions made by specialists The new layers of specialists in the production process through the integration and use of the various useful economic knowledge that, as Frederick Friedrich List emphasizes the importance of infrastructure and Educational institutions in the preparation and rehabilitation of operational powers through the creation and dissemination of knowledge. It describes Cham Peter Joseph Schumpeter creativity as a key driver of economic dynamism, and followed them in this trend many economists K. Galbraith, Qodwin, and Hirschman. Thus, many communities transformed during the last three decades of the industrial societies rely mainly on its activity on the exploitation and conversion of material resources of nature, to knowledge societies based on production And the distribution of knowledge, and emerged with a new series based on the centrality of valuing human knowledge element. Therefore, the discovery of the properties and the fact that these changes are plaguing the global economy, and to study their effects on the activity of Almndmat has become a subject of the utmost importance. Through the above float to the surface what is currently known landmarks knowledge-based economy.

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