Organized Physical Activities and Its Role to Reduce the Violent on Point of View Physical Education Students in Hashemite University
Hasan Alkhaldi, Ibrahim Harafsheh

The purpose of this study was to determine whether Physical activity management could reduce violent behavior among undergraduate Sport Science students and may differ according to gender. The sample of study consisted of (80) male and female students of the expected graduating students in the Faculty at a rate of (%80) from the original community. a questionnaire consisted of (10) paragraphs was used. And after doing the suitable statistical treatments it was pin-pointed that organized practicing sport activities have a big role in belittling the level of violence and at a very high degree amongst students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science in the Hashemite University, and there are no differences between males and females. The researchers recommended with the necessity of preparing more studies about the phenomenon of violence for the different age stages.

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