A Historical Assessment of Some Features of Marriage Institution in Medieval Sri Lanka With Special Reference to the Dowry System, Relationship between Wife and Husband, Sati Practice, Wedding Ceremony and Royal Marriage
Dr. N. A. Wimalasena (Ph.D.)

In this study an attempt is made to study the some features of marriage institution in Medieval Sri Lanka with special reference to the Dowry System, relationship between wife and husband, sati practice, wedding ceremony and Royal Marriage from about the thirteenth century A. D. to the end of fifteenth century A. D. Any serious study of these aspects is beset with certain difficulties, which must be borne in mind from the beginning. On the one hand, the chronicles provide comparatively little information on those matters to which the student of social history should attach importance. My salient expectation is to describe the factors in brief that existed some main features of marriage system in Sri Lanka. The research is mainly based on primary sources. Wherever necessary material will also be obtained from limited secondary sources on the social history.

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