Mature and Significant Link between Islamic & Conventional Banking
Salman Saeed

Basically a jointly shared goal of the banking system is to serve the humanity for their needs that leads towards their betterment of the persons individually, a family, vicinity, society and the economy of the countries as a whole. It is mutually consensus by the think tanks globally that the past experiences now paved the way to redesign the policies for economic development as this proved from the researches about Natural and Social Sciences. Currently banks are designing number of services to boost up the wellbeing of the populations in which they are operating. All these services/products are essentials to everyone’s routine life without any discrimination at all. Hence the banking industry are repeatedly trying to introduce distinct services/products in different ways to the earlier or existing ones for the future according to the requirement of their customers/societies needs that fulfills and satisfies them. However, due to the proliferation of various types of banks a common man who is believer of any revealed religion including Islam, Christianity and Judaism or any other is very much in a state of confusion. On one hand is the very cherishing dream of development while on the other hand is faith. So these developments lead to the question among the peoples over two kinds of banks (Islamic and Conventional). I want to discuss that what are the similarities and differences between these if there are, and how big are these?

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