Regulation and Implementation of Social Measures in Forest Management in the Congo Basin: an examination and critique of the forestry management regulations in four countries of the Congo Basin
Waouo J., Seka J.M., Kiminou K. B. Y. L., Eboua T. P., Bondo K. S. A., Tamekou N. E., Nakuna T. A. M., Bakoume C.

This work evaluates the measures taken by the governments of the countries of the Congo Basin (CB) to guarantee the rights of dwelling communities as well as to ensure the communities’ well-being during the exploitation of forest resources. The legal codes relating to forest management of four out of the six countries that make up the CB were studied. The first part of the work explores the legal framework relating to forest management. The second part analyses the mechanisms of implementation of the texts that regulate social benefits. We found that although modern law has ruled the State authority over forest lands, a legal framework grants rights of dwelling and use by indigenous communities, notably customary use rights in community forests as well as shares of revenue from forestry exploitation. We concluded that the state services should set indicators of the involvement of local communities in the management of concessions.

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