Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2017

Table of Contents
The U.S. Foreign Policy and Jordan: The George H. W. Bush Presidency 1989-1993
Atallah S. Al Sarhan
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Impact of Environmental Degradation on Agricultural Production and Poverty in Rural Nigeria
Chioma V. Nwokoro, Felix O. Chima
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Are Secondary School Exiting Rankings (ATAR) the Best Indication of Success within a Design Based University Education?
Bruce Edward Watson
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Market Orientation in Higher Education: Variation on a Theme
Robert L. Webster, Kevin L. Hammond, James C. Rothwell
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Size, R&D and Technical Efficiency in the Industrial Sector of the Spanish Economy
Dr M Isabel Pisa-Bo, Dr Rosario Sanchez-Perez
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Attendance and Homework Do Matter in Spanish as Second Language Classes
Yesenia Ch�vez, Ph.D.
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Salary Dispersions and other Controversial Aspects to the Discussion on Teaching Career in Brazil
Rubens Barbosa de Camargo, M�rcia Aparecida Jacomini
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You Must Know: Somalia or the Somali Republic?
Barkhad M. Kaariye
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Responsive Feeding Practices and Influences: A Qualitative Analysis of Parent Experiences with Feeding their Young Children
Dina Essa Almaatani, Linda Mann, Erin Kelly, Melissa Rossiter
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Design of Embedded Speech Recognition System
ZHOU Zhi-qiang & YAO Li-ming
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Entrepreneurial University: Challenges and Motivations of Brazilian Context
Pedro Mendes de Souza, Denise Gon�alves Costa, Antonio Martins de Oliveira Junior
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