Vol. 7, No. 1; March 2017

Table of Contents
The Office Politics: Diplomatic Leadership, Bold Bullies, and the Workplace Drama Queen
Lemar Murray Nolan
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Main Predictors of School Problems among Foster Care Youth
Darron Garner, Ph.D; Jackson de Carvalho, Ph.D.
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The Scope of Application of Analogical Reasoning in Statutory Law
Dr. Maciej Koszowski
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Cultural Institutions in Greece from the First Museums and the Care for Antiquities to Artistic Festivals and Contemporary Art Biennials
Panagiota M. Papanikolaou
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The Perceptions of Saudi Youth Regarding the Dangers of Exposure to the Content of Pornography on the Internet: A Field Study
Dr. Falah Amer Aldahmashi
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Multidimensional Poverty in Pastoral Area: The Case of Somali and Afar Regional States, Ethiopia
Kedir Jemal, Belaineh Legesse, Jema Haji, Mengistu Ketema
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The Dilemma of Transport Development and Management in Africa
OWOPUTI Adetose Emmanuel, Kanyio Olufunto A.
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Sentential Negation
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Al- Malaika and the Identity Crisis of an Arab Woman
Dr. Fatima Ali Al-Khamisi
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Overcoming Challenges in an Unrecognized Economy: Experience from Somaliland
Muktar Adan A. (Koshin)
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Reversing the Conventional Patterns: Shaw's First Attempt at Repudiation to Social Norms
Azeez Jasim Mohammed
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