Vol. 7, No. 4, December 2017

Table of Contents
The Main Predictors of Adolescent Self-Injurious Behaviors from the Perspective of Foster Care Parents
Jackson de Carvalho, PhD; Felix O. Chima, PhD
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Pilot Study on the Validity and Reliability of MIM: An Alternative Assessment for Measuring Metacognition in Mathematics among College Students
Chak Him FUNG, Chi Keung LEUNG
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Teaching of English Communication Skills to Arab University Students: Challenges and Antidotes
Bilal Mohd Zakarneh
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Prosodically-Determined (Late) Acquisition of [+dorsal] in Arabic: Linguistic Intervention and Language Disorders
Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal, Ameen Ahmed Omer Alahdal
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Bilingualism, Subtitling and Fast Reading
Prof. Aboudi J. Hassan
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André Brink’s Sense of Anticlimax Over the New Dispensation in Modern-Day South Africa: An Examination of the Rights of Desire
Mamadou Abdou Babou Ngom, Ph.D.
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The Difference between Gratitude and Indebtedness
Shueh-Chin Ting
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Graduate Unemployment in Nigeria: Causes, Consequences and Remediable Approaches
Longe, Olukayode Ph.D.
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Analytical Study of Some Unfinished Obelisk Quarry Pottery Vessels in Aswan, Egypt, Case Study
Walid Kamel Ali Elghareb
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Effective Strategic Leadership from Islamic Perspective
Dr. Hayat Abd Alla Bakhiet Elimam
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A Unique Byzantine Architectural Remains on the Eastern Bank of Jordan River
Mohammed Waheeb
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Problems of Translating Qur'anic Euphemisms: A Comparative Socio-pragmatic Study
Ali Albashir Mohammed Alahj Ph.D; Mohamoud Ali Ahmed Omer, Ph.D.
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Contents of Ritual Chanting “Pemasu-Masun” in Marriage Ceremony in Karo Society
Kumalo Tarigan
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