Vol. 5, No. 3; June 2015

Table of Contents
Does Academic Dishonesty Relate to Fraud Theory? A Comparative Analysis
Patsy G. Lewellyn, Linda C. Rodriguez
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Analysis of Waste in the Production of Concrete Blocks - A Case Study in a Goiás Industry
Tatiana Gondim do Amaral, Weslley M. Cruz, José R. Perim
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Agro-Food Crafts: A Multi-Dimensional Phenomenon in the South of Guanajuato, Mexico
Dr. Perla Shiomara Del Carpio Ovando, Dr. Alberto Valdés Cobos, Sergio Jacinto Alejo, Karla Del Carpio Ovando
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The GCC Youth Attitudes towards News Ticker as a Source of News Attitude
Dr. Abdul Kareem Al Zayani
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Internal Communication Function and Hotel Productivity–A Comparative Study
Özay Yildiz
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Resistance and Subversion of Traditional Social Construction of Gender in Gikuyu Narratives, Songs and Proverbs
Elizabeth Wanjiru, Dr. Colomba Kaburi, Prof. Zachary Njogu
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Impact of Ebola Virus Disease on School Administration in Nigeria
Oladunjoye Patrick, Major, Nanighe Baldwin
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Synchronization Control Simulation for Pneumatic Elevator Based on AMESim
Chen Xing, Yao Li-Ming, Ye Yi-Zhou, Du Shi-Tong
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Nationalism in Nigeria: A Case for Patriotic Citizenship
Isaiah Negedu, Augustine Atabor
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Investigating the Extent of the Interference of English Language in Learning Arabic Language in Bridgewater State University (BSU) from Students' Perspectives
Dr. Atallah A. Al- Roud
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Diabetes Self Care Management Behaviors among Jordanian Type Two Diabetes Patients
Zainab Fatehi Albikawi, Mohammad Abuadas
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Economic Effectiveness of Livestock Farming Industry: An Analysis between Turkey and Eu-15 Countries
Asst. Prof. Dr. Savas Durmus, Asst. Prof. Dr. Melih Ozcalik
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The Relation of Organizational Structure and its Dimensions with Staff’s Quality of Work Life
Seyyedeh Hamideh Salimbahrami, Hossein Ahmadi, Fatemeh Zabihi Hajikolaei, Hassan Mirzajani, Kobra Asheghan, Hassan Mahmudi Sahebi
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Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Ball Screw Based on Workbench
Pin Hong, Ying Pan, Ting Zhang
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University Students’ Level of Metacognitive Thinking and their Ability to Solve Problems
Nahil M.Aljaberi, Eman Gheith
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